Fact Sheets

Hotlinking to a Fact Sheet

Green hot links are placed on the garden images where they correspond to the Fact Sheets.  A rollover provides a preview of what the Fact sheet is about; a click takes you to that Fact Sheet for further investigation:

Example Fact Sheet

These information sheets pull out the salient information for a group of topics concerning water conservation and sustainable landscaping. They are elegantly desk top published and follow a graphic theme consistent with the web site as whole. The graphic presentation is all important we believe.

  1. Sustainable Landscaping Fundamentals
  2. Sustainable Landscape Renovation
  3. Dealing with Drought
  4. Using Water Wisely
  5. Managing Your Soil
  6. Compost for Healthy Soil and Plants
  7. The Magic of Mulch
  8. The Right Plant Right Place
  9. Pest Management
  10. Sustainable Fertilization

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